Heidi Herrmann

Heidi Herrmann started Strong Arm Farm in 2009, originally with a focus on vegetables, and now offering an ever-expanding selection of specialty crops, including wildcrafted seaweed from the Sonoma coast.  Heidi is also a Sustainable Agriculture Instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College, at their renowned Shone Farm facility.  She has an Ornamental Horticulture degree from Cal Poly University, with emphasis in pest management and nursery production, and a Master’s from Sonoma State University, where her thesis was on Experiential Agriculture Education.  Running Strong Arm Farm is truly a ‘practice what you preach’ example.  Heidi is a strong-armed woman producing an array of beautiful and nutrient-dense delectables.  In this episode, Heidi talks to Chelsea about the multiple livelihood strategies of a farmer and educator, and harvesting seaweed under the full moon.

The full episode with Heidi Herrmann airs on July 11, 2016