54: Niaz Dorry on organizing for land food and sea food, and organizing at the speed of trust

Niaz Dorry moved to Glauster, Massachusetts, the oldest settled fishing port in the United States, in 1994, and she has been working with small-scale, traditional, and indigenous fishing communities in the U.S. and around the globe ever since.  After a working as an environmental justice organizer in Greanpeace’s toxics campaigns, she started working on fisheries issues.  She’s been organizing with the fishing families of the North Atlantic Marie Alliance since 2008,  advancing the rights and ecological benefits of the small-scale fishing communities as a means of protecting global marine biodiversity. This year, NAMA and the National Family Farm Coalition decided to join forces and share leadership, with Niaz as their director.  She is currently on a national tour of farms and fishing communities to kick of this joint effort.  I spoke with Niaz just before she left on tour.