Some Announcements

We have just finished our first season of Delicious Revolution, with 11 amazing interviews.  It has been incredible.  We have had so much fun doing these interviews, sitting down for about an hour with some of our favorite thinkers and food makers, and it has been great to see the response— so many people listening, and from all over the world.  If you’ve missed anything, you can find all our shows on the podcast feed, and also right here on the website.  

We’ve been recording a second season, with more great interviews.  We’re going to take a break for a couple of weeks while we work on finishing up production of our second season.  We’ll be back on Monday March 7. 

In the mean time, we want to hear from you.  If you have some feedback, or a story about food you want to tell— give us a call.  We set up a voicemail and we would love to hear your voice.  Call (510) 859-7430 and leave us a message. 

Also, if you like Delicious Revolution and are looking for a way to help us out, here’s what we want you to do:  Leave us a review on iTunes.  Its easy, and it helps us out more than you’d think.  If your on an iPhone, go to the podcast app, search for delicious revolution, and click on our show— then you’ll see a “reviews” tab near the top.  Touch that and you’ll see “write a review” in purple.  Or, you can do it on iTunes on your computer, just search for us, click on our logo and then on Ratings and Reviews, and that’s where you’ll find the “leave a review” button. 

Thanks! And stay tuned.