1: Caiti Hachmyer on rural gentrification, the contradictory economics of farming, and no-till at a human scale,

Caiti Hachmyer runs Red H Farm in Sebastapol, California, growing vegetables for the Sebastapol farmers market and a community supported agriculture program.  She is also a researcher and food systems activist.  Her research has taken her into the strategies and politics of land tenure for urban farming, and the workings of the world bank.  She is the author of the 12th edition of Alternatives to the Peace Corps from Food First Books, as well as many articles on farming on the Farmers Guild website.  She holds an MA in urban planning from Tuffs, and she has worked as a researcher and organizer for Food First and the Community Alliance with Family Farmers.

Devon talks with Caiti about farming in Sonoma County, the tension between a thriving market for artisanal food and a high cost of living, Caiti’s experiments with dry-farming and no-till at a human scale, and more.  


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